The Evil Garden

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The Evil Garden
Contributor(s): Gorey, Edward (Author)
EAN: 9780764958854
Publisher: Pomegranate Communications
Binding: Hardcover
Pub Date: March 15, 2011
Target Age Group: 08 to 12
Physical Info: 1.30 cms H x 16.18 cms L x 17.42 cms W (0.22 kgs) 32 pages

A happy, naive family enters the Evil Garden (free admission!) to spend a sunny afternoon in its inviting landscape, lush with exotic trees and flowers. They soon realize their mistake, as harrowing sounds and evidence of foul play emerge. When humongous hairy bugs, famished carnivorous plants, ferocious fruit-guarding bears, and a sinister strangling snake take charge, the family's ominous feelings turn to full-on panic but where's the exit?
Edward Gorey leads us through this nefarious garden with a light step. His unmistakable drawings paired with engaging couplets produce giggles, not gasps. Perhaps "The Evil Garden" is a morality tale; perhaps it's simply an enigmatic entertainment. Whatever the interpretation, it's a prime example of the iconic storytelling genius that is Edward Gorey.

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¥1,990 税込