Lona: A Fairy Tale: 50th Anniversary Edition

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Lona: A Fairy Tale: 50th Anniversary Edition
Contributor(s): Wright, Dare (Author)
EAN: 9780615777382
Publisher: Dare Wright Media
Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: May 04, 2013
Physical Info: 0.48 cms H x 27.99 cms L x 21.59 cms W (0.24 kgs) 92 pages

Publisher Marketing:
Once upon a time, when magic was common and princesses were many, there lived a powerful wizard named Druth. He could transform a prince into a toad, or a shepherd boy into a sheep by a mere flick of his finger. But no matter how hard he tried he could not enchant a princess by any magic at all. Enraged and humiliated, Druth took revenge upon three kingdoms whose princesses he was unable to enchant. He flooded their lands and imprisoned the people in a deep, unending sleep. He saved one princess alone, however. She was a baby named Lona whom Druth planned to raise himself until she was old enough to enchant. Some new spell, he was certain, would eventually succeed. But when she grew up, Lona showed surprising courage, challenging the mighty wizard's power. Through Dare Wright's rich descriptions and superb photographs, readers will breathlessly follow each moment of Lona's remarkable struggle to remove Druth's spell over the three kingdoms.

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¥2,410 税込