My Very Own Special Particular Private and Personal Cat

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愛情あふれてしまい、" ぼく " は猫にかまいすぎてしまいます。
” 猫とのおつきあい " の方法を知っている方にはわかりますよね?


My Very Own Special Particular Private and Personal Cat
Contributor(s): Warburg, Sandol Stoddard (Author) , Charlip, Remy (Illustrator)
EAN: 9781592703852
Publisher: Enchanted Lion Books
Binding: Hardcover
Pub Date: July 11, 2023
Target Age Group: 03 to 08
Physical Info: 1.8 cms H x 23.19 cms L x 20.4 cms W (0.44 kgs) 56 pages

Publisher Marketing:
A lively, loving child is taught a thing or two about boundaries by his very own special, most particular cat in this picture book illustrated by the legendary three-time NYT Best Illustrated recipient Remy Charlip.
This is a story about a boy and his very own special, particular, private, and personal cat--a cat he orders around, puts on his lap, and even dresses up and tucks into bed! But the cat has other plans, and its very own special, particular, private, and personal inner life. After all, everyone knows that you can't ever really own a cat... The story's climax, warm and friendly, yet firm, is all about how to claim the space we each need for ourselves. Many children and adults have undoubtedly felt just as this cat does!

Designed and illustrated by the prolific and visionary Remy Charlip, this picture book is about boundaries and independence, identity and belonging, friendship and respect--all told through a playful and witty rhyming text from Sandol Stoddard Warburg.

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¥2,970 税込